Our vast portfolio of premium clean-label ingredients for flavor and fragrance applications includes natural and organic essential oils, terpenes, flavors, fragrances, and cosmetic products. Offering such a wide range of options enables us to work with formulators to select the ideal ingredients to create specialized formulations, even for the most complex briefs. These components allow for the finest clean label products that meet consumer demands for quality, sustainability and ethically sourced materials. The unique functional properties of our products make them versatile components for natural & organic flavor systems, and a wide range of fragrance products such as those used in luxury brand cosmetics, aromatherapy applications, household use, and air care.

Certified Kosher, Organic, Food Grade Ingredients are available. We provide certified REACHReady products, compliant for the European market.

Our product line of Natural Terpenes is compliant with the ever-changing regulatory requirements of the industries we serve. The obstacles that need to be navigated in the rapidly expanding, tremendously competitive cannabis market are immense, resulting in heightened standards for versatility and reliability. We work closely with our customers and accommodate their needs by providing a broad range of high purity terpenes, which are used to build back the desired profiles that are largely removed during processing. In this dynamic landscape, it is crucial to align with a premium supply chain partner such as EarthFall Essentials.

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