What is an essential oil? An extract?

Essential oils are natural complex mixtures which retain the natural flavor and aroma of their botanical source, often obtained though physical processes such as distillation or mechanical pressing. Extracts are similar to essential oils, except they are obtained using solvents to extract the volatile compounds contained within the botanical. Depending on the product and process, solvents used can be alcohol, water, or other hydrocarbon-based solvents.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are naturally occurring aromatic hydrocarbons present in various plant species, yet are most notably tied to cannabis in today’s market. In cannabis, terpene composition is responsible for giving each strain its own unique aroma. EarthFall Essentials specializes in offering concentrated terpene isolates derived from natural botanical sources (such as orange peel). In addition, we specialize in the recreation of various terpene profiles found in different cannabis strains. By using natural terpenes derived from botanical sources, EarthFall Essentials can provide you with clean labeled isolates and blends to add back those desired aromas which are largely removed during processing.

Do your terpenes contain THC or CBD?

No, most terpenes can be sourced and isolated from naturally occurring compounds found in botanicals and essential oils. Chemically identical to the very same molecules found in cannabis, these terpenes are inherently free from any CBD or THC. Due to high cost, low yield and scarce availability, isolation of terpenes from cannabis is not economically favored, as most cannabis grown today is sold directly into the consumer markets, not for terpene production.

What is the difference between an essential oil, an extract, and a terpene?

Essential oils and extracts are both complex natural mixtures made up of a variety of components including terpenes. A terpene is a single isolated aromatic compound, which, depending on the size of the molecule, is typically defined as either a monoterpene (smaller molecules that are lighter in mass, and more volatile) or a sesquiterpene (larger molecules, that are heavier in mass and less volatile). The range of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes is vast, with each having their own unique odor and flavor profile. Together, these components form the basis of ingredients commonly used in flavor, fragrance and cosmetic formulations around the world.

Why choose EarthFall Essentials?

EarthFall Essentials is a trusted primary supplier of sustainably sourced natural and organic ingredients for key industries such as Fragrance, Flavor, Food & Beverage, Personal Care, and Home Care, always with the highest level of transparency. Our portfolio includes an extensive range of natural and organic essential oils, terpenes, flavors, fragrances, and cosmetic products. Backed by two centuries of collective experience, EarthFall Essentials is very well-positioned as a “one-stop shop” that offers a unique craft approach, which enables our customers to create premium, clean-labelled, finished products.

How do I place an order?

There are multiple ways you can place an order with us! Feel free to fill out an inquiry form on our website, reach out to your sales representative directly, or send an email over to info@earthfallessentials.com, and we’ll connect you with a sales representative to assist promptly!

Are your products tested or certified?

Our products are tested using state of the art instrumentation, employing modern analytical methodologies. We can also offer product certifications such as Kosher and Organic. Extensive QC testing and thorough review of documentation are managed exclusively by our internal QA & Regulatory Departments, along with assistance from our preferred suppliers’ laboratories as needed. We have full analytical capabilities available in-house, including Gas Chromatography (Using polar, non-polar and Chiral columns), Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, Density Meters, Colorimeters, Refractometers, and Polarimeters. Each product is subjected to physical testing, GC & GCMS analysis (where applicable), and finally panel tested based on the aromatic profile and appearance of the material.

What pack sizes are available?

Standard pack sizes will depend on the individual product. Custom packaging is available on request. Our sales team can review pack sizes available based on the product being ordered, and volume needed, to provide you with the most sensible packaging options.

Do you offer a particular material not listed on the website?

Yes, with thousands of materials available worldwide, along with our decades of experience in supply chain management and strategic sourcing, we will do our best to locate and source specific materials and/or ingredients that have the qualities you need. Feel free to reach out and ask your sales representative for more information.

Do you offer customized fragrances or flavors?

Yes, through our supply affiliates we can offer a wide range of raw materials as well as customized fragrances and flavors. EarthFall Essentials specializes in natural and organic essential oil-based fragrances and blends, along with clean labeled natural and organic flavorings.

Can I contract material?

Absolutely, contracting material will help ensure that adequate stock is available for your annual needs as well as establishing a fixed price to avoid any future volatility.

What is your return policy?

Any comments, questions, concerns or complaints regarding a material purchased from EarthFall Essentials, shall be issued within 15 days of receipt of goods, by email directly to your sales representative or by contacting info@earthfallessentials.com. EarthFall Essentials will conduct an investigation within 15 business days of receipt of complaint. For instances requiring additional investigation for matters outside the scope of our network of supplier laboratories, a mutually agreed upon 3rd party laboratory can be selected. Payment for costs of analysis and any other associated sampling or laboratory fees, shall be agreed upon by both parties prior to analysis. For valid complaints approved for return, all material must be within original packaging and previously stored under recommended storage conditions, as listed within the product’s respective specification sheet. If upon return the material is deemed to be contaminated and unusable due to mishandling at the customer level, the return will not be completed. All shipping fees for original delivery are non-refundable.

Are your products tested on animals?

No, EarthFall does not conduct any animal testing for any of our products, nor do we partner with suppliers that are involved with animal testing.

Do you practice sustainable sourcing methods?

Yes, we are committed to working with suppliers who meet or exceed today’s sustainable sourcing guidelines.

Does the farming, production and transport of your materials aid or assist the economy of indigenous populations at the Country of Origin?

Yes, we always aim to work with farmers, producers, and exporters who reinvest into their own communities. We hope to not only improve the lives of those along the supply chain but to strengthen the chain itself.

Do you have systems in place to be a good global citizen with regard to the environment, child labor, and fair-trade practices?

EarthFall Essentials works with reputable suppliers, many of which are either EcoVadis certified for their corporate social responsibility initiatives, or are members of Sedex, an organization rooted in continuously improving social and ethical compliance.

Does your company practice inclusionary hiring regardless of race, gender, or sexual identity?

Yes, Earthfall is proud to practice inclusionary hiring and will continue to do so, in order to foster an inclusive and beneficial environment for our employees and stakeholders.